Thursday, August 27, 2009


My friend Amy and I were thinking yesterday, it's funny how when everyone turns 18 they think "YES! now I can mutilate my body!" Hordes of embarrassing tattoos and piercings take place shortly after. Luckily, I've always played it safe with mine, no hearts with crowns, no Calvin & Hobbes, or Marvin the Martians. I thought I was slick until I went to Japan....

Cute, right? That's what I thought too! So cute that I had to get a tattoo of the loving pair. What's not to ooooh and aahhh about an adorable mother cat carrying her little kitty??

Too bad it's the JAPANESE VERSION OF UPS!!!!! Yeah, I pretty much got the logo of the most popular Japanese shipping company on my hip! HA! I read that's it's as popular as the Coca Cola logo is in the US. Nice. No wonder when I showed my friends in Japan they all pointed and giggled, in that cute big-eyed KAWAII style face that I love. Oh well, I still think the tattoo is the best! Maybe I'll write the company and become they're new spokes model. ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adventures in Newport, Oregon!

So last month we headed up to Newport to celebrate Eric's dads birthday! Nothing like drinking beer, eating, watching the waves, drinking beer, seeing aquariums, drinking be.... you get the idea. Funny thing is, I don't even like beer! But for some reason, the Rogue brewery (Dead Guy Ale, anyone?) up there always calls my name. How can you NOT want to try Mocha & Chocolate Ale!

So here's some of the highlights from my super fun & relaxing week in (perfectly weathered) Newport, Oregon!

You head to the Rogue Pub and the bartenders hand you out free samples like there's no tomorrow!

Our shots all lined up, before the beer bellies showed:

Giant vats of burrr:

Bruce (the dad) has the BEST view of the beach out the bedroom window!

Working on my hummingbird photographing skills

Karen (Eric's sister) & her son Coal on our dinner cruise boat:

Don't you just want to pet them??

The trees and river were sooo green! I felt like I was in Disneyland

Wino & Beero

The Captain of the ship let me cruise the boat for awhile. Not so wise after a few wines... (I kid, I was sober. I think....was that land I just went over?!)

They caught some crabs for us to check out. No worries, they were released back into the water! Ron & I holding the victim.

Awww, isn't she a cutie?

Took a stop at the Newport Oregon Aquarium. This guy was especially funny. Facing the wall with his trail of poo. I think he was embarrassed.




Finding the meaning of life in a huge starfish

"Hey! Who ate all the Cheetos?!" I think I know who!!!

There's also a place about an hour or so south of Newport called Sea Lion Caves. Amazing. You go down an elevator (yes!) in the side of a cliff to check out these silly guys. The stench is like rotting sewage, and it sounds like Mordor from Lord Of The Rings.

Newport is such an amazing seaside town. Easy going and filled with nice folks that seem to know each other. I hit a few quaint thrift stores while in town as well, scored some nice vintage dresses. Unfortunately we didn't have time to skin board or fly any kites this year, there was ZERO wind! Next summer!



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