Friday, February 19, 2010

Pee Weez! and some Universal Studios fun!

So back at the end of January, we headed down to LA to check out Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse live! I have to say, it was AMAZING! It was great to see him so full of energy, even that late in the showing (I think it ran for about a month, and we went near the end). Pee Wee looked pretty much the same, just slightly older (the man is almost 60! Must find out what skin cream he uses! haha). After the theater show, he held a Q&A for those who had tickets to his previous venue. Funny thing, I was so nervous about bringing in my camera because they were pretty strict about NO PHOTOGRAPHY during the show, but they were all "yeah take as many photos as you'd like during the q&a!" WhaaaA? Oh well, I did manage to get one shot of the stage. Shhhhh! ;)

A few from the q&a. He was walking around in audience, making it quite personal. I have to say he was realllllly nice, genuine and totally funny!

Did you guys see on the news, the couple that got engaged at Pee Wee? That happened the night before, and they were there again during our show. So lucky! The new bride:

The next day, we headed over to Universal Studios. I hadn't been in 10 years, and Eric had never! So sad that the E.T. ride was gone, along with Back To The Future!! BUT in place, the new Mummy coaster and Simpsons ride are SUPER fun!

Duuuuun dun, duuuuuun dun:


The Jurassic Park ride was closed for the season, but that didn't stop this dino from trying to eat me!

Where's Jen? series:

Entering Krustyland! This ride probably has the longest pre-ride entertainment I've seen. You go through like 59080945 rooms before you're finally on the ride!

Worth the wait though! This photo sums it all up:


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Desert Psych!

This past Saturday was a complete adventure. My boyfriends band, Hans Keller, agreed to play at this festival in the desert, down near Southern California (Jawbone Canyon). We packed up Saturday afternoon, drove for hours, played, drank, slept and headed home the next morning. It was almost a blur! I love doing semi-spontaneous trips like this! Especially ones that involve lots of driving, scenery and friends!

California skies:

I was amazed at how beautiful the sky and hills were the whole time:

Killer skull fire pit:

Eric, Ryan & Dan enjoying the site:

This band was super "performance art". Called MLuM. This guy was totally yodeling, and there were 2 chicks dressed like nuns?

Hans Keller playing with stoney projections (Eric's the guitarist in the middle) The "stage" was right in front of a giant rock wall that was great for showing video!:

The tiny board that could:

I swear I wasn't drunk yet:

Neat Native American projection.


Taking it all in:

Tiny Eric on top of the giant rock wall:

Scoping the scene. We actually got there at 7:30p the night before, so we had no idea what it really looked like until the morning!

Hans Keller + our friend Phil (3rd from right):

Jawbone Canyon is one of those places that dirt bikes & dune buggies LOVE:

There was a Merle Haggard Road as well:

HEY! I know I have blonde hair, but come on!!!!...

On the way back, we had to stop at Casa De Fruta! A cute little pit stop that has a HUGE nuts/berries/fruit/veggies store, a wine store, and the CUTEST childrens park! They had it all set up for Halloween.

I heart Merry Go Rounds!

SpoOOoooOOoky Tunnel:

Eric even got to drive the train!

...and I got to ride in the fire truck!

If I only had a brain...

You can't tell in the photo, but that farmer was trying to be sly and hit on me:

And just for fun....a massive Praying Mantis that was on our porch the night before! Look at those cute eyes! ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Star Wars in Concert!

My parents are the best! This past Sunday they treated Eric and I to the amazing “Star Wars in Concert” show! We’re such SW nerds, I couldn’t wait to see families dressed as their favorite characters, laser beams, the roar of the Milennium Falcon & the ever famous line “I have a very bad feeling about this.” Hehe, the show was VERY impressive, as was all the fun costumes, props & scenery they had out in the lobby!

Some of the neat costumes they had on display!:

Eric & Chewy!

C3P0! I was sad they didn’t have anything on R2D2, my favorite! :(


These kids were cute in their Jedi robes:


I remember loving this Amidala outfit when I saw the movie, and the neat “fire” colored robes!

“Luke” in his Return Of The Jedi garb, I stole his lightsaber:

Awww, Ewoks! Have you guys seen that god awful Ewok Adventure movie” “WiiiIIIIIIIiiiiCKETTTT!” Worst actress ever.

Darth built it just for me:

Just chillin:

My mom managed to take this as we both were stuffing our faces. Thanks mom.

The show begins!! We weren’t “allowed” to take photos of the show, so I didn’t get too many. Pretty impressed with what my mom & I managed to catch though!:

Anthony Daniels (voice of C3P0 in all 6 films) was there live narrating the whole thing! Too awesome! He even did a little C3P0 walk too! (Love his sequined bowtie! Stylin!)

Cool shot of the orchestra on the large screen. They were superb! Best part, getting to hear the Imperial March TWICE, and the Cantina Band songs, yay!

Nice shot of Darth looking out into space.

Definitely an amazing show, I’m glad I was able to check it out. Hearing all the legendary songs played live by an orchestra was a treat! Check it out if it comes your way!



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