Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adventures at The Monterey Bay Aquarium!

So we took a day off and headed over to my favorite town Monterey today to check out the Aquarium. I've been going here since I was a kid, and I never get sick of it. Honestly, the best aquarium I've ever been to! I was extra excited this time, since they have a temporary Great White Shark in one of their tanks, along with a new seahorse exhibit! Sea life nerd!


There she is! She's up from San Diego I believe they said. Only about 10 ft. long, and shy, so it was hard to get a clear shot!

The Secret Lives of Seahorses! Look at how HUGE this one is!! Hahaha, jk it's video!

Potbellied seahorse. Looks like someone had too many beers, and passed out! :P

No camera trickery here, this little dude was seriously this bright red!

I matched the seahorses! I've got the blending in thing down.

Seadragon Horse! So mystical and fairy-like!

I'm so stoked that they have Cuttlefish again! They're my favorites! Part of the squid family, they swim funny and have old man mustaches! Love their sleepy eyes too!

Asian River Otters, so cute!

Sheep Crab! This guy was seriously almost the size of a Soccer ball!

They have this awesome rounded walkway that shoots water out every few seconds. I'm totally catching this bitchin' barrel, bro!

I want her job!! Oh, and for those Star Trek nerds..... Star Trek 4 anyone? It's funny how mixed up that movie is. The Aquarium is the "Institute" and they made it right north of San Francisco, which in reality, Monterey is about 2 hours south, haha. movie shot (note SF in the background & whale in the tank) vs. reality (the tank is really super shallow!).

Afterward, still in an adventurous mood, we went and checked out the Wax Museum's "Spirit of Monterey", hahaha. It was pretty ehhhhh, but had some great costumes & a whorehouse!

Random Sea Otter spotting! Grubbin'

Cutest candy storefront ever! On Fisherman's Wharf.

Topped off the night with a gentle rainstorm, and a giant ice cream cone! nom nom nom!



Dina Fragola said...

Oh, I didn't know that about the Star Trek movie... thanks for the info.

Vyeshi said...

Great pictures! I've actually been there. It is an awesome aquarium!

jessica said...

dude i love sea dragons!!! at the academy of science i tried to take a picture of one but they had some dude standing right there saying NO PHOTOS NO PHOTOS and i was like no flash and they were like that little red light is too strong for them!

Elise said...

Looks like you had such fun...

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Monterey is heaven to me.


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