Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Desert Psych!

This past Saturday was a complete adventure. My boyfriends band, Hans Keller, agreed to play at this festival in the desert, down near Southern California (Jawbone Canyon). We packed up Saturday afternoon, drove for hours, played, drank, slept and headed home the next morning. It was almost a blur! I love doing semi-spontaneous trips like this! Especially ones that involve lots of driving, scenery and friends!

California skies:

I was amazed at how beautiful the sky and hills were the whole time:

Killer skull fire pit:

Eric, Ryan & Dan enjoying the site:

This band was super "performance art". Called MLuM. This guy was totally yodeling, and there were 2 chicks dressed like nuns?

Hans Keller playing with stoney projections (Eric's the guitarist in the middle) The "stage" was right in front of a giant rock wall that was great for showing video!:

The tiny board that could:

I swear I wasn't drunk yet:

Neat Native American projection.


Taking it all in:

Tiny Eric on top of the giant rock wall:

Scoping the scene. We actually got there at 7:30p the night before, so we had no idea what it really looked like until the morning!

Hans Keller + our friend Phil (3rd from right):

Jawbone Canyon is one of those places that dirt bikes & dune buggies LOVE:

There was a Merle Haggard Road as well:

HEY! I know I have blonde hair, but come on!!!!...

On the way back, we had to stop at Casa De Fruta! A cute little pit stop that has a HUGE nuts/berries/fruit/veggies store, a wine store, and the CUTEST childrens park! They had it all set up for Halloween.

I heart Merry Go Rounds!

SpoOOoooOOoky Tunnel:

Eric even got to drive the train!

...and I got to ride in the fire truck!

If I only had a brain...

You can't tell in the photo, but that farmer was trying to be sly and hit on me:

And just for fun....a massive Praying Mantis that was on our porch the night before! Look at those cute eyes! ;)


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